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Family violence is a problem; that is why law enforcement acts so quickly when responding to allegations of assault, stalking or harassment. However, in their efforts to protect people from dangerous domestic situations, police officers sometimes go overboard. The result can be protective orders and criminal convictions that can prevent individuals from seeing their children, retrieving their clothing or being able to drive to work.

At our San Antonio law office, our Domestic Violence Lawyers defend clients against family violence charges. An alleged offense can be considered a domestic crime when it occurs between spouses, parents, children, live-in boyfriends or girlfriends, or roommates. These cases can be challenging because there are often no witnesses to the offense.

Attorneys Handling All Proceedings in Family Violence Cases

Domestic violence cases are similar to DWI matters, in that there are two proceedings that result from allegations of assault, harassment or threatening behavior. The first is a protective order that prevents the alleged offender from contacting the victim. The second is the criminal case. As former prosecutors, our lawyers know how the system works and understand how to protect your rights if you have been charged with a family violence crime.

Protective Orders

Our lawyers can help you fight a temporary protective order to prevent it from becoming permanent. We can help you obtain permission to retrieve your possessions from your house. We can advocate for supervised visitation with your children. If you are charged with a criminal offense or violating a protective order, we will build a strong defense for you.

Defense Against Criminal Charges

Even if the alleged victim withdraws the charges, the prosecutor may decide to move forward with the criminal case. It is important to fight charges of family violence because you will not be able to have the record sealed and you will be ineligible for orders of non-disclosure. In some instances, we can help the victim complete a sworn affidavit to show the prosecutor what really occurred. If there were witnesses of the alleged assault, we ask them to testify. We help document mitigating circumstances that can strengthen our client’s case. We seek alternative penalties, such as anger management classes and psychological treatment that can keep a client out of jail.

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