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San Antonio Family Violence Attorneys

If you were charged with any type of family violence crime, you are almost certainly the subject of a protective order (P.O.) in addition to facing a criminal charge. It is critical that you act quickly if you wish to fight a protective order. Otherwise, a temporary protective order (TPO) will become permanent and change your life for at least two years. You may not be able to see your children, return to your home or retrieve your possessions. You will not be able to own a weapon.

How We Fight Protective Orders

Attorneys Charles Gold and Kyle C. Simpson help clients who are subject to the restrictions of temporary protective orders (also called restraining orders). We prepare for and appear at hearings, presenting evidence to weaken the victim’s case. For example, if you were charged with assault or stalking during combative divorce proceedings, it may be possible to show that the charges were an attempt by the other party to gain the upper hand in a custody or support dispute. If there were witnesses to the alleged incident, we ask them to testify. If there are emails or recordings of the alleged threats, we review them to learn if they will help your case. If you have no history of violence, we make sure that the court knows this. Our goal is to prevent the temporary order from becoming permanent.

Defending Against Efforts to Extend P.O.s

Even if the two-year protective order is imposed, we can help you petition to have it removed sooner. We can recommend anger management, counseling or alcohol treatment programs that can demonstrate that you are no longer a threat. And if the other party seeks to extend a two-year P.O., we can help you fight the request for an extension.

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For a strong defense against protective orders, contact our San Antonio, Texas, law firm. We offer a free initial consultation, accept credit cards and will work with you to develop a payment plan that meets your needs. Call 888-392-1813 toll free.

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