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San Antonio Administrative Suspension Attorneys

There are two ways to have your license suspended in Texas. One is an administrative suspension that is imposed when you are arrested for DWI, refused the breath test, or were charged with certain moving violations, such as failure to carry insurance. The second type of suspension is the result of your DWI trial; if you are found guilty, your license can be suspended for the time period defined by statute, depending on the frequency and number of DWI convictions.

In either instance, it is important to have knowledgeable legal representation when seeking to overturn a license suspension. At our San Antonio law firm, we help people whose drivers licenses were suspended. Our goal is to help clients return to driving as quickly as possible.

Administrative License Suspension Hearings

In some cases, we are able to obtain occupational drivers licenses that allow the individual to drive to work, school, church or other defined destinations. We appear for clients at ALR hearings (administrative license revocation hearing) because their licenses were suspended after a DWI arrest and either had a blood alcohol content (BAC) over .08 or refused a BAC test. In addition to restoring our clients’ driving privileges, we use ALR hearings to begin building the defense against the DWI charges. If you are arrested for DWI, it is critical to contact an attorney right away, as you only have 15 days in which to file a request for an ALR hearing with the Department of Public Safety (DPS).

License Suspension After a DWI Conviction

If you are convicted of a first-time DWI, we will negotiate with the prosecutor to waive license suspension in return for taking alcohol education classes and/or having a device installed in your car to monitor your blood alcohol content before driving. If this is your second or third DWI charge, our lawyers may want to make your case before a jury. A trial can result in the jury recommending that your license not be suspended. As experienced trial lawyers in San Antonio, we are in a good position to advise you about your best course of action.

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