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San Antonio Felony Drunk Driving Lawyer

People with two or more prior convictions can receive a felony DWI charge if they are arrested again. It doesn’t matter how long ago your prior convictions were. It doesn’t even matter if the other DWI convictions were in another state. They still count against you. The stakes are high.

At our San Antonio law offices we are aggressive advocates for clients who are facing felony DWI charges. Call us right away if you have been convicted before. We may be able to help you.

We Know What Questions to Ask

We examine the evidence against you and ensure that you understand your options and your rights. We look for answers to questions such as: Was the traffic stop legal? Did you take field sobriety tests? Did you blow into a breathalyzer? Were there other people in the vehicle? Are the police records accurate and complete? Do you have any medical conditions that could result in false results from sobriety or breathalyzer tests?

Developing a Legal Strategy That Fits Your Situation

A felony DWI/DUI conviction carries severe penalties. You could go to jail or prison for a long time, pay significant fines, be unable to work in certain fields, lose your license for several years, and lose custody or visitation with your children.

Because of these harsh consequences, we try to help clients by:

  • Negotiating with the prosecutor to reduce the charges
  • Having clients voluntarily undergo alcohol counseling — even before the legal process begins
  • Advocating for an occupational driver’s license so you can go to school or work
  • Seeking probation or other alternatives to jail time

As accomplished trial lawyers, we frequently take felony DWI cases before a jury — and win! We make sure that all evidence presented by the prosecution is clear and convincing — it often is not. We call on experts and specialists to testify to a client’s medical condition or other mitigating circumstances. We may challenge the legitimacy of the prior convictions; if successful, this approach means that you will not be convicted of felony DWI/DUI.

Contact Our San Antonio Felony DWI Attorneys

For a strong defense against multiple Felony DWI charges, contact our San Antonio, Texas, law firm. We offer a free initial consultation, accept credit cards and will work with you to develop a payment plan that meets your needs. Call 888-392-1813 toll free to speak with our DWI Attorney about Felony DWI Defense in San Antonio.

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